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Through years of dedication to maintaining the highest level of excellence in service and design; our longstanding relationships with these companies combined with our designers and engineers means we’re able to provide you with products and service unparalleled in the marine industry. Listed below are just a few of these companies and what our collaborations with them mean for you.


ASEA is the world leader in compact and lightweight power conversion equipment. For over 10 years E-Tech Yachting has been proud to be the official ASEA Power Systems specialist and service representative in Spain. E-Tech’s team is specially trained and highly experienced in ASEA shore power convertors and low voltage regulators, and is available for servicing vessels all around the country.


WAGO’s automation technology is versatile, offers open standards, simplifies your production process and building applications and offers an all-encompassing product selection. Find solutions from software, HMI devices and control technology through fieldbus-independent I/O systems – all the way to switches and sensor/actuator boxes.


Understanding the need to optimise engine rooms and electrical switchboards, DEIF’s control units have been designed to fit the smallest switchboards and require no PLCs. Utilising advanced power management calculations and redundant communication lines, our solutions generate safe, optimal and intuitive operation. Stressing how correct system handling and operation by educated personnel optimises fuel costs and maintenance, we also offer comprehensive handson training for your crew at our regional and local training centres.


Over the last 100 years, EATON has become a global leader in power management, providing products and services to a wide variety of industries. As the first European company in the marine industry to become an EATON Authorized Lean Solutions Partner, E-Tech Yachting has developed the latest series of BLUEWAVE™ switchboards, employing EATON’s Smartwire DT technology. Achieving greater flexibility and efficiency with the advantages of greater global support and supply, this collaboration is raising the electronic management and monitoring of your vessel’s systems to a whole new level.


Danfoss’ promise is to help create a more “sustainable world by delivering products, services and solutions differentiated by their high quality, absolute reliability and advanced innovation.” As part of Danfoss’ Mobile Electrification division, EDITRON is the world’s most sophisticated electric drivetrain system. Perfect for the marine industry as either electric or hybrid drivetrain for your vessels propulsion system, they are designed to deliver maximum efficiency as either a generator or a motor, and the durability to function in harsh environments.


Just as E-Tech Yachting is constantly working at staying ahead in both the products and services we offer, the Lumishore team is at the forefront of the marine industry’s underwater lighting solutions. With Lumishore’s innovative, leading-edge underwater lighting solutions and exceptional quality, E-Tech Yachting’s lighting control team can give you the power to create some of the most magnificent underwater lighting scenarios you can imagine.

savage marine ltd

Savage Marine Ltd is widely regarded as the leading supplier of lighting products for the Superyacht and marine leisure markets. E-Tech Yachting’s lighting engineers and designers have always been confident in offering our clients Savage Marines product line. With a number of world firsts in their portfolio and a wide range of quality products, Savage Marine and E-Tech Yachting are certain to provide you with the lighting solutions for creating the ambience you want.


When it comes to fire and gas protection and safety in complex environments, you need to have confidence in the systems you employ and in those that create and install them. E-Tech Yachting’s experience in design and installation of complete marine electrical systems means we’re knowledgeable about what works, and what doesn’t. Consilium has the quality products and solutions that you can be confident in from day one.


Yachtica is E-Tech’s lighting control and design engineer’s first choice when it comes to the control and management of on board lighting and comfort systems. E-Tech Yachting’s engineers have consistently chosen Yachtica for the lighting and comfort control needs our clients. Solutions specifically designed for the marine environment, the superior quality and innovative product line comes from years of research and development in technologically advanced systems. The fruits of these labours mean that Yachtica always has the right solution to meet our engineer’s and our client’s needs.

stp palma

E-Tech Yachting is located in the heart of one of the safest and most advanced Shipyards in Europe - STP Palma. Home base to some of the finest names in marine repair and maintenance services, STP also provides travelifts of up to 700 tons and is able to house vessels up to 120 m in length. STP has been and continues to be an international referent for vessels from all around the world.

“...find a professional high tech business partner, it is always the key to success for a company....thanks to ETY team to work with us "

Vincenzo Sassanelli - EMEA Business Development Manager at Eaton

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